Now I been all over this doggone world,
Been as far as China;
Worstes' place I ever did see
Was Charleston, South Carolina.

I's goin' home, won't be long,
Goin' home, sure as you're born;
I's goin' home, won't be long,
Got dem Wes' Indies blues!

Now I've got me grip and trunk all packed,
The ship, I's gonna take her;
Say good-bye to Charleston Town,
Heading for Jamaica. (CHO)

Now Charleston folks eat alligator meat,
Fried wi' rice and taters;
Bestes' eatin' I ever did have
Was monkey hips an' tomaters. (CHO)

Now when I gets ter Kingston Town,
Gonna hang around the water;
Make me livin', sure as you're bo'n,
Diving after quarters. (CHO)

An' when I gets ter Kingston Town,
Gonna get meself a carriage;
Roll on down ter Sally's house
An' make a Creole marriage. (CHO)

Now good-bye, dear ol' Charleston Town,
Me packet sails termorrer;
Good-bye, all yo's dance hall gals,
I leave you without sorrer. (CHO)2X

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picture of Charlie Ipcar

Charlie Ipcar
Richmond, Maine